WRM Media Privacy Policy

Christmas Letters from Santa are fully committed to protecting and respecting your privacy - we take this very seriously. Please see below for how your data is handled and stored:

Collection of your personal information
Our system collects some personal details in order that we may process your order and provide you with the best possible service. We will not email you in the future unless you have given us your consent, and we will always give you the option to receive no further information from us or any other company.

The data we process

We use cookies in order to identify registered users and to portray the appropriate pages. We do not permit cookies from third parties on the site, nor do we pass on data derived from cookies to third parties except as provided in our privacy policy

Statistical information
We gather data on visitors to the site and process it for statistical reasons. Some of this information may relate to you such as how often you visit the site and how you use it. We do this in order to provide an efficient service which is reliable pleasant and helpful to use for all users

The use and security of your data

We do not disclose your data to third parties. Your data will only be used in relation to the order that you have placed or to present to you with future promotional discounts, strictly related to Christmas Letters from Santa.

Your rights in relation to your data

You have the right to a copy of the personal information we store on you. We will rectify any inaccuracies. (In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we charge £10 for information requests.)

You are entitled to know the information we collect on you its purpose and the manner and extent of processing. This we have outlined above

You are further entitled to know, and we confirm above, that we collect only such information as is necessary and not excessively to the purposes of the site

We collect no sensitive personal information within the meaning of Data Protection Act 1998.

We do not transfer data to jurisdictions with inadequate personal privacy laws. Your data will not be transferred to the United States unless it is to bodies that have adequate personal privacy provisions that accord with the Safe Harbor agreements between the US and the EU

De-Registration and Un-Subscribing from Emails:
There is information on how you can unsubscribe at the bottom of each email that Christmas Letters from Santa sends out on behalf of our selves or our partners.

If you would like your personal details completely removing from the site, please email info@wrm-media.com or you can write to us at; The Data Officer, WRM Media Ltd. 19 Appleton Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, WF2 7AR

To contact us, please write to us at WRM Media Ltd, 19 Appleton Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, WF2 7AR. Alternatively please email us at info@christmaslettersfromsanta.com