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Do you want to make Christmas memorable for someone special with a letter from Father Christmas?

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Christmas is a special time of year for children. The festive magic of the season means that everyone is in good cheer. Why not add to the enchantment of Christmas by sending someone you love an authentic letter from Santa Claus?

Order a letter from Santa

All of Santa’s letters come with an authentic looking postmark from the North Pole on the envelope and are signed by Santa himself!

Please place your orders from October 2014. We will post all letters in December to ensure the experience of your child receiving a letter from Father Christmas is as authentic as possible. Please see the FAQ's section for specific posting dates.

Please see the FAQ's section for specific posting dates.

Personalised letters from Santa

Our letters from Santa are personalised to include the name, age, home town, name of a best friend or relative and make reference to special achievements, good behaviour and kindness to others. The fantastic detail is enough to convince any child, or adult! Santa Claus even knows where to deliver letters if the child is away from home at Christmas and if there will be a chimney for him to use!

Our letters from Santa are international

We can deliver international letters from Santa Claus – last year his letters reached as far as New Zealand! We keep a close eye on the last postal dates globally to ensure that Santa’s letters reach your child in time for Christmas. All of our letters include free delivery, no matter how far they are travelling!

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